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Visiting a frame shop for the first time? Or has it been awhile since your last visit?

Here’s some tips to get you prepared for your next visit.

1. Time: Schedule at least an hour for your first visit (if not more if you’re particularly indecisive)

Walking through the doors of a framing shop can be a daunting one, especially if it’s your first time. Our role is to guide you through all the options available that best suits your artwork, taste & budget. There’s a lot more to it than just cutting windows & joining four sticks.

Did you know you can call us to book a free consultation? You can even choose which consultant you’d like to work with.

2. Artwork: Bring it in with you.

We can give you an accurate quote that way. All our mouldings & materials vary in price, so it’s difficult to give an estimate without seeing the work. Our consultations are free & quotes are obligation free!

3. Artwork: Keep it in its original packaging and try not to over handle it.

It’s always tempting to open up a package you’ve just recently purchased but when it comes to photos, posters or prints. Try to keep it in its original packaging. If your piece arrives rolled up in a tube. Keep it in there until you get to the frame shop. This eliminates the risk of creases and markings on your piece.

4. Consider the following:

Where do you plan on hanging your piece?

This can help determine the size of the matting and frame. The location may also help determine what sort of glazing option to use.

What is your décor style? Is your home modern, traditional, country or beachy?

This is our blind spot as framers and letting us know will help steer the decisions & choices we make.

Tip: Take a picture of where you plan on hanging your piece, it makes for a great reference when going through the many framing options.

5. Will this be a gift?

It’s hard to determine the tastes & styles of another person. Take the stress out of worrying about whether the frame will suit their tastes or their home. Consider a gift voucher with us instead.

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